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On September 27, the minister of defence of Latvia, Dr Artis Pabriks, has delivered a speech in More parish, at commemorating the More battle of September 1944. He chose to say that «Latvian legionnaires are a pride of the Latvian nation and of the state» (Latvijas leģionāri ir latviešu tautas un valsts lepnums) and called them «heroes» (varoņi). The Waffen SS Latvian Legion was a collaborationist unit, partly volunteer, partly conscripted.

English-language source: http://www.wiesenthal.com/about/news/wiesenthal-center-protests-24.html

The report in Russian language at a state-owned news portal LSM.lv:

Original statement by the minister, in Latvian https://www.mod.gov.lv/lv/zinas/godina-mores-kaujas-kritusos-latvijas-karavirus

Mr Pabriks, a political scientist, has long been infamous for having said «We are welcoming German boots on the ground here in Latvia ever since 1940» in 2013, when he held the same office. Later he explained that this was meant to refer to NATO troops. See https://nra.lv/latvija/101794-pabriks-izteikumu-par-gaiditajiem-vacu-zabakiem-domajis-saistiba-ar-nato-macibam.htm

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